Online Disability Awareness Training

As the demand for accessibility in tourism grows, so too do the opportunities for businesses to increase their sustainability and competitiveness while increasing their bottom line.  An access consultant can help you do just that.

The team at Inclusive Tourism can assist you to understand and identify cost effective ways in which to make your business more accessible, enabling you to reach out to a whole new market.

Disability Awareness Training

Avoid Those Awkward Oops Moments!

Let’s face it, they’re not always just awkward oops moments.  They cause embarrassment and discomfort to both the customer and the staff member. And sometimes they even lead to a complaint being made with the Human Rights Commission.  Not to mention some very bad press for your business.

In 2016 the Human Rights Commission reported that disability complaints were on the rise. They made up the highest number of all complaints received, particularly around employment, and goods and services.

Complaints around goods and services made up 33% overall.

Our training will help you and your staff become aware of your responsibilities under the law.  No more oops moments means you reduce the risk to your business and brand reputation.

What’s Covered

Course Outcomes

Take a Look

Course Outcomes

We understand that it’s not always easy to get your staff all in the one place at the one time.  Although face to face training is optimal, it can be time consuming and expensive.

With our Online Disability Awareness Training, each staff member can do the course at a time that suits them.  It takes less than an hour to complete, and if they’re interrupted, they can just pick up where they left off.

On completion of the training, each participant will receive a certificate of completion from Inclusive Tourism.

Display the certificates on your counters, add them to your website.  Let people know your staff are Disability Aware and ready to provide the highest level of customer service possible!

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Case Study

Scandic Hotels operate 223 hotels across eight countries. They have a total of 40,274 hotel rooms and 13,000 staff members. Scandic hired its disability coordinator in 2003. He started by hiring three wheelchairs for the head office. Then he let all the team members, over 100 of them, spend time in a wheelchair to see life from that perspective. They passed the wheelchairs round the office for 3 months. Being in a wheelchair is just one of many disabilities, but it is an excellent way to get people discussing the issue. Just ten years later Scandic has the most inclusive approach to accessibility of any hotel chain. Magnus Berglund, Disability Ambassador at Scandic said “When we take over a hotel, we implement our accessibility programme within three months and, after just one year we tend to notice more bookings from private guests and from companies and organisations. This gives us a clear competitive advantage as well as showing our commitment to social responsibility.”


The training delivered provided an honest approach and delivered applicable strategies for my team of Customer Service professionals to feel like they can deliver a positive customer experience for people with a disability. The training was localised and tailored to our organisations needs, which made it relevant. It has delivered an increased level of comfort for my staff to feel they can use the most appropriate combination of touch, language and actions to best support a customer with a disability in person, online or over the phone.

– Tiffany S, Coordinator Communications and Customer Service

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